Tab Stealth Pivotal Seat

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The DUO Brand Tab Stealth Pivotal seat delivers a luxurious look thanks to it's high end perforated covering on top and two sides. The DUO Tab woven label connects the top and back while boasting DUO's logos plus 2006 start date. The back panel is crafted with kevlar for maximum durability. The Stealth system mounts from below and eliminates the need for an access panel on top of the seat.

The Stealth Pivotal system is used to eliminate the need for an access patch on top for a clean and simple look.


  • Fat shaped base w/ extra thick foam padding for comfort 
  • Padded top covered by a 4-panel perforated cover with a vinyl top, sides, and a Kevlar back
  • Plastic bumpers under the nose and tail 
  • Rear woven label w/ DUO logo
  • Hollow Pivotal bolt
  • 12.5 oz